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Association of Cystatin C Kidney Function Measures With Frailty and Physical Function
This cohort study found serum cystatin C, eGFRcys, and eGFRdiff were associated with long-term accelerated frailty trajectories and physical function decline among community-dwelling older people without frailty.
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Influential factors of intercity patient mobility and its network structure in China
This study used a real-world dataset to investigate the intercity mobility of patients and provided a methodological reference for patient mobility studies, which could help promote the equalization of healthcare resources.
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Effects of ambient temperature on hospital admissions for obstructive nephropathy
Higher temperature is associated with increased risks of hospital admissions for obstructive nephropathy and early interventions should be taken particularly for the middle-aged and elderly.
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Delving into the Continuous Domain Adaptation
We proposed to formulate a new machine learning problem namely the Continuous Domain Adaptation (CDA), through the lens where infinite domains are formed by continuously varying attributes. We built a new benchmark and a novel machine learning framework to tackle the problem. Our method achieves the state-of-the-art performance in the CDA setup.
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Artificial Intelligence in Skin Diseases: Fulfilling its Potentials to Meet the Real Needs in Dermatology Practice
We discuss the unmet needs in three clinical scenarios for AI applications in skin diseases, and three aspects to improve the performance of AI to help dermatology practice.
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A Systematic Review of Deep Learning Methods for Modeling Electrocardiograms during Sleep
We systematically analyze deep learning for sleep ECG papers from the perspectives of data, model, and task. We also discuss their shortcomings, summarize the findings, and highlight potential opportunities.